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We here at Xodo not only believe in dreaming big, we also thrive to make those dreams come to life. Our passion is to motivate you to explore, discover and learn. Our products make the perfect platform to allow just that. Our purpose is to empower users by helping them tap their creative potential through the use of our innovative products.

Established in 2013, headquartered in California, we ship our merchandise to various locations globally. Our line of electronics includes; Tablets, Headphones, Drones and Robots. Every Xodo component is designed not only to deliver the highest quality technologically-advanced mobile entertainment products, but also help our customers and business partners obtain incredible value for their investment.

We have an unparalleled commitment to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our products. We are here to help in every step of the way and only a call or email away. We have an urge to constantly improvise and always welcome feedback.


Become a worldwide leader and the most trusted brand in high quality professional Smart systems worldwide.


Provide smart platforms at realistic prices to enhance individuals across the globe to EXPLORE, DISCOVER & LEARN.


We admire your success and that is why we stand by our core values because your success is our goal.



We go an extra mile when it comes to Quality Control and ensure every component in every product reaches a certain standard. Consistency and quality sets us apart.



We stand by doing the right thing every step of the way for our customers as well as our partners. To us, excellence is a sign of respect for our customers, our suppliers and ourselves.



Service is about meeting the real needs of our customers. We focus on our customers and their concerns with a dedicated passion. We do everything within our reach to meet the needs of our customers because that is our top priority.



We stand by our Warranty and promises implied, always putting customers and stake holders first because we depend on their success for our own.



Teams can achieve far more than individuals. We at Xodo have a dynamic group of people who are focused on our mission, vision and common goal. We strongly believe that good people make a good organization and ultimately result in a powerful success story. 

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