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Direct Drop Ship Program

Superior Customer Experience in a Changing World

Our goals are simple: to serve our customers better, to always be relevant in their lives and to form lifelong relationships. Drop shipping helps you connect with more customers while telling your brand's story through expanded selection.

What does Xodo Drop Ship Program offer?

  • High-resolution product image uploads

  • Priority order fulfillment

  • Timely shipping

  • Professional invoicing

If you feel that your site caters to the same target market as Xodo then drop shipping may be an excellent option for you to consider. Xodo is proud to offer website owners quality products and service backed with 89 years of experience.

Please read the Xodo Drop Ship Program guidelines below, and if you feel your website may be a candidate for our program, apply to join.


Why join our Drop Ship Program?

1. You can buy our goods at competitively pricing. 
2. You get preferential customer service. Whenever you access the customer service department, your sales representative will assist you top priority.


Drop Ship Program Guidelines

Drop shipping is only available for sellers within United States. We do not accept international Drop Ship orders. Potential drop shippers who are not located in the United States are invited to look at our wholesale programs instead.


  • Potential drop shippers must have an established website with a target market similar to Xodo.

  • The drop shipper will feature Xodo products on their site, procure orders and submit them to Xodo. Xodo in turn will fulfill the order and ship directly to the customer. Drop ship members will be responsible for invoicing their customers. The drop shipper will receive an invoice (retail prices plus flat shipping fee) less their drop ship discount.

  • The drop shipper's customers must reside in the United States. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship drop ship orders to other countries at this time.

  • Gift wrap and cards are optional available to customers.

  • Products will not be exchanged or refunded even if in saleable condition.



Place a Drop Shipping Order Steps:


Product Descriptions & Images

We request that you create your own product descriptions but you may use ours as a template. This will prevent your site from being penalized by search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)

You are welcome to cut & paste both images from our website.

If you are not using an Inventory Feed we highly recommend that you monitor on a daily basis to ensure that your inventory is correct.


Product Feed

We suggest when possible setting-up a product feed which will automatically update your inventory on a daily basis. This will require a programmer with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the platform your website uses.

The product feed includes:


  • Links to High resolution images

  • Product descriptions

  • Product Prices

  • Quantities


Drop Ship Program Restrictions

Xodo does not permit our Drop Shippers to promote or sell our products on the following platforms: and


The brand name "Xodo" or any derivative of the word is not to be used in pay-per-click advertising.

Drop ship members are not to represent themselves as Xodo, but may list Xodo as a manufacturer on their site.


How do you join our Drop Ship Program?

1. Register online.
2. Wait for approval.

3. Once approved, you are free to start your drop ship  business immediately.


Termination of Drop Ship Membership

We offer a great discount for drop shippers, so we are expecting a regular on-going business between us. We will end the business relationship with drop shippers who does not have any paid order in 30 days since joining in or last order.  After the drop shipping membership is disqualified, they are not allowed to use texts, graphics, photographs or other images, button icons, audio clips, logos, slogans, trade names or word software and other contents on the website of (collectively, "Content").

The customer goes to your website and places an order.

The wholesaler ( ships the item to your customer without the customer knowing it is dropshipped.


Your customer places an order at your website and pays you for the order.

You place the same order with the drop shipper and keep the profits.


Step 1

Choose the items that you wish to order for your customers.


Step 2

Provide your customer’s shipping address to us.


Step 3

Once we have confirmed receipt of your payment for the dropship order, we will quickly ship the goods to your customer.

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